A Few Updates

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I haven’t written anything in a very long time so I thought I should probably post some updates about recent developments in my life. I have an exhibition running from October 8 – November 30th, with the Untitled Arts Society … Continued

Amsterdam Poster

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My first time in Amsterdam left quite an impression on me and inevitably I came home with a ton of footage and photos. I thought a nice way to “process” my impression of the city would be to create a … Continued

15 Selves – Autoportrait with Glitch

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Here are 15 results of a recent experiment with glitching older CR2 files. The vivid colors and the fragmentation of the image into two distinct fields – upper and lower – are characteristic of this specific file format. This started … Continued

Red Swan

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I recently dug through my photos and videos from my February Amsterdam trip and I found this video of a swan floating in a canal in the Red Light District. I knew I wanted to do something abstract with it, … Continued

Revisiting Photography

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I have recently looked through source images for my glitch projects and found portraits that I thought were interesting to look at. Photography is still a strong part of my artistic practice and I will continue to develop myself as … Continued

MFA Exhibition – Promo

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‘Designing the Corrosive Moment’ Marta Blicharz University of Lethbridge Faculty of Fine Arts MFA New Media Graduate Exhibition On view at the University of Lethbridge downtown Penny Building 324 – 5th St. South April 26 – 30, 2012 1 – … Continued

Salvage Yard Love

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I suppose it’s cliche to say that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, but it is true. Last weekend Bram Timmer and I decided to go take some shots in the industrial park in Lethbridge, AB when we stumbled … Continued

Upclose and Glitchy

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Here is a ‘detail’ sample from my experiments with data-bending and corrupting image files of the CR2 format (Canon Raw v.2). In these I’m exploring the aesthetic of digital breakdown of photo-realistic imagery where fragmentation, unnatural bright colors, and pixel … Continued

A Walk in Cochrane

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I haven’t done nature photography in a while. A few days ago i had a chance to walk around Cochrane, AB with Bram and take a few shots, mainly practicing composition skills, and playing with colors and depth of field. … Continued