The Interactive Campfire was designed and fabricated specifically for CAMP Festival – an annual Creative Technology, Art and Design event right here in Calgary. It was a colaborative effort of Wild Forest (a Studio my husband and I run) and Edward Keeble.

The campfire installation is an abstract representation of a bonfire in the wilderness – a convergence point to share stories with others and experience things out of the ordinary. The subtle flicker of the LED strands mimics the hypnotic flicker of real flames. The web application is meant to provide the user with a choice of adding their own colour “flame” to the fire, becoming a simple symbol of community participation.

You can see photos from CAMP Festival here.



  • Medium LED, Wood, Acrylic
  • Date 2014
  • Location Currently at DaDe Art & Design Lab
  • Collaborators Bram Timmer, Marta Timmer, Edward Keeble