This series of images was created as digital collage, using fragments of glitched photos and conventional Camera Raw edits. It is an example of what I categorize as an assimilated glitch, meaning that the original mischevious and destructive glitch has been captured, edited, stripped of it’s original disruptive potential and re-absorbed as a purely aesthetic effect.

The purpose of this exercise was to return glitches as effects back into the illusory space of the photo, re-establishing full control over how they appear in the final composition. In the process the artifacts become a “photographed” force, rather than a force that destroys the photographs. Harsher expressions of the models help dramatize the the overall mood.

  • Medium Digital Photography + Glitch + Photoshop
  • Date 2012
  • Series Designing the Corrosive Moment
  • Exhibition MFA Graduating Exhibition