The Seeker is a series of images exploring the notion of a digital glitch as a portal to dreamlike, alternative experiences. The disruption of photoreal forms and the emergence of psychedelic colours, frames the images as dreamy hallucinations rather than reflections of reality. These mystic, “veiled”, portraits may offer a snapshot of a changing self, as if in a drug induced dream of a recreational user, or someone on the path towards enlightenment. The final selection, which is 7 images, is a number that, according to numerology, “knows that nothing is exactly as it seems and that reality is often hidden behind illusions.”

One of the illusions that are being challenged here is the transparency and the pixel perfect facade of digital media, generated and maintained by a system that aims to offer the user an enhanced and perfected version of reality. Video games, hyperreal advertising images, and crisp details in every Hollywood movie, enslave our senses with visual magic and unattainable beauty. By disrupting the strict, digital perfection of the source files, perhaps we can detach from these common fixations and be free to entertain alternative forms of beauty that rely more on errors than flawlessness. The choice of a self-portrait emphasizes the very personal nature of such an exercise.

The Seeker explores these errors as ripples through the strict reality that fools us every day with its scripted spectacles. By disturbing the pristine waters of our conscious experiences, these ripples may lead to mystical places in the mind or reveal the different faces of a changing consciousness. Through glitch, the hyperreal digital reflection of our world transforms into a different kind of a spectacle, where nothing is certain, everything is possible, and what we see is always new.

Sometimes we can only guess why the TV goes haywire or our computer crashes. But when these things happen, they break us away from the hypnotic glow of the screen and open up our eyes to alternative experiences.



The series of 7 images is also accompanied by an abstracted video, where a swan, illuminated by the light of the Red Light District of Amsterdam, fed by the tourists, floats on the black waters.



  • Medium Digital Photography + Glitch + Video
  • Date 2013
  • Exhibition EPCOR Centre +15