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Marta Timmer

Visual Artist based in Calgary

Marta is a Calgary based visual artist creating work at the intersection of glitch aesthetics and original photography, exploring memory, beauty, ethereality, decay, and the

invisible energies that lie beneath. 

Marta has always considered art making as an escape and a form of therapy. Classically trained in painting and drawing, she employs all types of media to digest the world around her, always trying to express that, which is difficult to articulate.

Fox Drawing

Public Art


Calgary Film Centre; Calgary, AB, Canada

Gate & Grill for the Outdoor Studio; CASA, Lethbridge, AB, Canada

Select Exhibitions


Open Image; Southern and Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

Calgary & Edmonton, AB


Loose Leaves; CASA

Lethbridge, AB


The Seeker; +15 Untitled Art Society

Calgary, AB

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