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The Seeker (Series)

Personal Work, 2013

The Seeker is a series of images exploring the notion of a glitch as a portal to dreamlike, alternative experiences. It frames digital errors as ripples through the strict reality that fools us every day with its scripted spectacles. 


The disruption of photoreal forms and the emergence of psychedelic colours, transforms the images from mundane reflections of reality into dreamy hallucinations. These mystic “veiled” portraits may offer a snapshot of a fluctuating consciousness and enchantment with things that lay beneath. 


Through glitch, the hyperreal world in the image transforms into a different kind of a spectacle, where nothing is certain, everything is possible, and what we see is always new.


The final selection, which is 7 images, is a number that, according to numerology, “knows that nothing is exactly as it seems and that reality is often hidden behind illusions.”

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