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  • Marta Timmer

"The Death Mask" - A Poem

Updated: May 21, 2022

We are nothing but a chain of human experiences, stretching through time.

A cacophony of laughter, screams, moans, and cries, echoing across dimensions.

We are giants, and dust, hurling through the void on this spaceship called Earth.

We are triumphant life, and a plague bringing death to species.

Our neurons singing in unison, composed the universe out of thoughts,

But in all its depth and glory it remains indifferent to our music.

Forever stoic, like an absent parent,

It petrifies us with words unspoken for eternity.

So we hum to ourselves a maddening tune,

Fighting the ringing in our ears,

Waiting for our name to be called.

It will prove that we exist.

We take refuge in flashing images.

They provide comfort and nourishment for the hopeless flesh.



We are notes in a song.

We are threads in the tapestry of human suffering.

Our faces bleed into each other.

We are me, you, us, them.

We are now, then, yesterday, and tomorrow.

We are waves, and we are particles.

We shatter on impact, and send ripples through time.

When we shed our skins, we leave streaks of light in the night sky.

Invisible to the naked eye, we are nothing.

We are everything.

We are shreds of energy, bursts of matter,

Bending time and making music with superstrings.

Marta Timmer


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