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New website!

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Here we go!

I've made my own cozy corner here on the web with the sole intention of showing you some of my work. This will be a place for me to share finished pieces, give you a peek at some of my visual experiments, and maybe even write about it a little in the form of this blog.

Types of work

Most of the work you will see here will be digital in nature, but I will also occasionally post pieces that have a basis in the tangible world - installations, sculptural experiments, or simply – paintings and collages that I sometimes like to work on away from the screen, and which are very much made of real paper. I love real paper. And the occasional knitting. Do you??

Colour, anyone?

Colour is kind of my thing. I've always smothered any kind of subject matter in rich vibrant colour. But pastels occasionally creep in too. Black and white can be quite interesting as well in the right context.

I love how black and white movies or photography force your eye to contemplate the form, the essence of something, rather than the treatment. Narrowing down the palette can have a freeing effect on the mind and encourage alternate ways of creative expression, without such a broad vocabulary so to speak. But colour is beautiful, and great at expressing all kinds of emotion. I would consider my work to be very emotional, in more subtle or strong ways. Depending on the piece.

Have a look, roam around, like some stuff. I hope to hear from you if you're thinking of getting something commissioned. I'd be happy to sell you some art!


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